2015 concerts

In 2015 visitors’ ears were caressed by Tõnis Mägi and Kärt Johanson and Estonian Voices. In the manor garden, Koit Toome and Jorma Puusaag performed songs by Jaak Joala, and Tõnis Mägi and Jarek Kasar sang and spoke as much as necessary, stories and songs that Tõnis and Jarek are themselves fond of. At summer’s end, Verbarium performed music written to text by the poet couple of August Sang and Kersti Merilaas. Actor Guido Kangur enhanced the experience by reading the couple’s poetry between songs.


Kõltsu Manor is in Laulasmaa, in Keila municipality in Harju County in Estonia’s capital region. When you are coming from Tallinn along Rannamõisa tee, the manor is 2 km past Laulasmaa School on the right. If you are coming from Tallinn via Keila on Paldiski maantee, turn right after driving 35 kilometres and drive on 2 km toward Laulasmaa. Kõltsu manor will be on your left.

Kõltsu Mõis

Keila vald, 76702 Harju County, Estonia
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